Sustainable revenue maximization

Sustainable revenue maximization

  • Increase annual revenue to new levels
  • Modify pricing to maximize revenue whether demand is high or low
  • Align pricing with attendance patterns, consumer price sensitivity, and venue capacity
Visitor Choice, Control, and Accessibility

Enhance visitor choice, control, and accessibility

  • More price points = more choice for visitors
  • Shift visits from peak to off-peak times to reduce crowding and improve the guest experience
  • Create lower entry price opportunities to strengthen community accessibility without blowing a hole in your budget
  • Provide incentive to purchase tickets in advance
Easy to use

Easy to use

  • Pricing algorithms designed by Ph.D. economists and customized for your attraction
  • Approve, reject, or override prices using the SEATS web portal
  • Continually optimize pricing – takes only minutes per day
Integrated with your ticketing platfrom

Integrated with your ticketing platform

  • Sales, scans, and inventory data exported from ticketing software
  • Approved price changes imported into ticketing software
  • Integration with Gateway Galaxy, accesso Siriusware, Tessitura, and more

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