Why Dynamic Pricing?

Attractions that use a single, static general admission price almost always under-perform their true potential. Dynamic pricing allows your attraction to better align its pricing with predictable shifts in demand due to factors such as seasonality, weather, enhancements to the guest experience, competitor prices, and other market factors such as tourism trends and the price of gas.

Digonex dynamic pricing solutions recommend an optimal price for each day of admission (or day AND time for attractions using timed-entry tickets), and will update those recommendations on a daily basis using the most recent data inputs available. Read more below about the financial, strategic, and operational advantages of dynamic pricing, and then contact us to arrange a demo.


Sustainable revenue optimization

  • Increase annual revenue to new levels
  • Modify pricing to maximize revenue, whether demand is high or low
  • Align pricing with attendance patterns, consumer price sensitivity, and venue capacity

Enhance visitor choice, control, and accessibility

  • More price points = more choice for visitors
  • Shift visits from peak to off-peak times to reduce crowding and improve the guest experience
  • Create lower entry price opportunities to strengthen community accessibility without blowing a hole in your budget
  • Provide incentive to purchase tickets in advance

Easy to use

  • Pricing algorithms designed by Ph.D. economists and customized for your attraction
  • Approve, reject, or override prices using the SEATS web portal
  • Price by date or by date and time slot
  • Optimize pricing in only minutes per day—or less

Integrated with your ticketing platform

  • Daily exports of sales, scans, and inventory data from ticketing system
  • Price changes imported into ticketing software after approval
  • Integrated with leading attractions ticketing platforms

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