ACME Introduces Digonex as Dynamic Pricing Partner

Digonex ACME IntegrationACME Technologies introduced Digonex as a new ecosystem partner in a blog post titled “Get ahead of the trend: Dynamic Pricing,” profiling our mutual customer using the new Digonex ACME integration.

Many of ACME’s customers are getting very creative and leveraging schedule-based pricing to vary by season or day of week. You can manually set this up in ACME’s backoffice, or like the Seattle Aquarium, you can utilize the power of ACME paired with our partners over at Digonex, to fully automate dynamic pricing. What is Dynamic Pricing? Dynamic pricing is a ticket price that is determined by data-driven pricing technology that was created by Digonex, and the best thing about this solution is that it is completely automated. Each day’s prices are determined based on a number of factors, including attendance patterns, popular holidays/events and weather—and they’ve been developed through extensive research and collaboration with a team of expert economists. With this technology institutions can truly maximize their revenue growth, which is especially vital as we are all trying to recover from the financial hit of the pandemic.

Digonex CEO Greg Loewen added:

We are thrilled to be a new member of the ACME eco-system partner network and excited to be working with Rick and the rest of the Seattle Aquarium team. We are confident that our dynamic pricing technology will help the aquarium to accelerate its recovery from the pandemic and its growth in the years ahead.

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