Digonex and Tessitura Network Announce Partnership

Indianapolis (August 11, 2016) — Digonex, a leading provider of dynamic pricing solutions, is pleased to announce its partnership with Tessitura Network, the leading provider of technology, services, and learning community for the arts and cultural sector.

The partnership will provide Tessitura Network clients seamless access to Digonex’s powerful dynamic pricing technology, which automates the process of optimizing and updating prices to accelerate revenue growth, shift attendance from peak to shoulder periods, and enhance community accessibility.  Each client’s solution is custom developed by Digonex’s team of PhD economists and experienced software developers based on their strategic objectives and the unique characteristics of their business.  Digonex works with clients across numerous sectors including performing arts, touring artists, theatres/venues, cultural institutions, zoos/aquariums, and theme parks.

“We are thrilled to be able to partner with The Tessitura Network”, said Greg Loewen, Digonex CEO, “We have always admired Tessitura’s technical capabilities and their extraordinary focus on innovation to meet the evolving needs of their clients.  We are proud to be the newest addition to their network of partners.”

“Besides powering revenue across the organization through ticketing, fundraising, memberships, marketing, and more, Tessitura Software includes many advanced tools for strategic decision-making. With the addition of our partnership with Digonex, the Tessitura Community will be able to take it to the next level,” said Jack Rubin, President of Tessitura Network. “While Tessitura has built in revenue management and dynamic pricing capabilities, the Digonex approach to dynamic pricing strategies offers a highly tailored and sophisticated revenue enhancement tool for our users to optimize prices and boost revenue while still offering fair value to consumers.”

About the Tessitura Network

Tessitura was built from the ground up to specifically help arts and cultural organizations be successful. The functionality is equally strong for ticketing/admissions, memberships, fundraising, reporting/ analysis, and marketing; at its core is a powerful constituent management system designed for Customer Relationship Management. The business model is designed to benefit users – not to pay off investors, shareholders, or venture capitalists. Tessitura Network has not just promised new functionality; Tessitura has delivered new releases every year of operations and priorities are informed by users. Critically, unlike competition in this sector that promises integration between systems, Tessitura is one fully and seamlessly unified database for full enterprise operations.

After fifteen years of operations, Tessitura continues to expand rapidly serving theatres, museums, dance companies, performing arts centers, attractions, operas, festivals, symphony orchestras, galleries, and more. 2015 saw the largest growth ever with licence holders operating in Australia, Canada, Denmark, Ireland, New Zealand, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States.  The hosted deployment model of Tessitura enables quick deployment via the internet. The popular Tessitura Express Web service enables licence holders to operate flexibly and to maximize online revenue. Organizations of all sizes are empowered to use Tessitura in a way that best suits their needs – either “out of the box” or as a platform for innovation. Tessitura is proud to be a member owned and governed nonprofit with a self-sufficient business model.

For more information about the Tessitura Network, please visit our website at tessituranetwork.com, our Tessitura Innovator Series YouTube channel, or contact Marketing Communications Specialist Lindsay Terchin at media@tessituranetwork.com.

About Digonex

Digonex is a leading provider of customized dynamic pricing solutions to clients in arts & entertainment, sports, attractions, cultural institutions and retail sectors.  Digonex’s technology is the result of almost two decades of research and development in pricing science.  The company has been awarded six patents and has six others pending.  Digonex’s team of PhD economists utilizes dozens of variables to develop an automated and customized pricing solution for each client to accelerate revenue growth and achieve other critical strategic objectives.  Digonex is known for the effectiveness of its solutions, its “high touch” service model and dedication to client satisfaction.  For more information, please visit www.digonex.com.  Digonex is majority-owned by Emmis Communications, an Indianapolis-based media and technology company (NASDAQ:  EMMS).