A Better Way to Price

An entertainment producer trying to optimize pricing has some hurdles to overcome. For starters, every show, every venue, and every market is different; one pricing strategy does not fit all. Then there's effort it takes to change prices—not just the time spent analyzing data to determine when to update prices and what to change them to, but also the time it takes to implement price changes in the ticketing system. And if there's a producing partner involved, they'll need to review price changes, too.

Our clients hire us to maximize the impact of their dynamic pricing strategy and to radically reduce the amount of daily work required to support it. Digonex pricing solutions use mathematical models to consider more variables than can be accounted for manually, to continually find the right price for every seat for every performance. Want to know more? Contact us to set up a demo.


Maximize revenue from every performance

  • Digonex solutions analyze patterns in data and determine optimal prices based on multiple factors, daily
  • Our automated solutions are able to manage tradeoffs between objectives (e.g., balancing revenue maximization with capacity utilization targets)
  • Dynamically price tickets in every zone for every performance, and the pricing algorithm accounts for consumers' choices among events and price levels

Streamline your process

  • Eliminate the need for manual data collection and analysis, so that you have more time to focus on your business
  • Automatically update prices in your ticketing system at the time of day you choose
  • Digonex has experience handling data from all major ticketing systems
  • Digonex integration partners include leading ticketing platforms such as Tessitura, AudienceView, and Ticketmaster

Stay in control of your pricing

  • Designed by Ph.D. economists, our solutions are customized to your specifications
  • Convenient web portal for approving, rejecting, or modifying price recommendations
  • Easy to use; optimize pricing in only minutes per day—or less
  • Supports coordinated decision-making with your partners

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