Digonex in the News: Los Angeles Times

Digonex CEO Greg Loewen was quoted in this LA Times story about the recent change toward dynamic pricing at Disneyland:

“By far attractions are the busiest area right now,” Loewen said. “That whole sector is starting to look at the opportunities, such as zoos, museums and aquariums.”

The practice also could spread to golf-course tee times, ski-lift tickets and advertising spots on television, radio and other media outlets, he said.

Also quoted in the article is Robert Crandall, who pioneered the use of dynamic pricing in the airline industry as chairman of American Airlines nearly 40 years ago:

For Crandall, it’s a satisfying endorsement even if it came four decades after he first exploited American Airlines’ reservation system to better fill unused seats and garner more revenue from last-minute fliers.

“I’ve always been pleased that we were pathfinders” because dynamic pricing “is now becoming very widespread,” Crandall said.

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