Automate Your Dynamic Pricing

You’re likely already doing at least some dynamic pricing, and seeing good results. But the process of analyzing your data, determining the changes you want to make, and then implementing those changes in your ticketing system takes a lot of time. Furthermore, if you’re only using one or two factors (such as sales velocity or capacity utilization) in your analysis, or if you're only changing prices for some performances or for some sections of your venue, then you are probably missing a lot of the opportunity. Our clients hire us to maximize the impact of their dynamic pricing strategy and to radically reduce the amount of work required to support it. Keep reading to learn more, and schedule a demo.

Automation—the Digonex advantage

  • Digonex solutions analyze patterns in data and determine optimal prices based on multiple factors, daily
  • Our automated solutions are able to manage tradeoffs between objectives (e.g., balancing revenue maximization with capacity utilization targets)
  • Dynamically price tickets in every zone for every performance, and let the pricing algorithm account for consumers' choices among events and price levels

Integrations make updating prices easy

  • Eliminate the need for manual data collection and analysis, so that you have more time to focus on your business
  • Automatically update prices in your ticketing system at the time of day you choose
  • Digonex integration partners include leading ticketing platforms such as Tessitura, AudienceView, and Ticketmaster
Advanced analysis

Complete control

  • Designed by Ph.D. economists, our solutions are customized to your specifications
  • Convenient web portal for approving, rejecting, or modifying price recommendations
  • Easy to use; optimize pricing in only minutes per day—or less

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