Dynamic Pricing Automation for Tessitura Software Licensees


  • No more spending hours crunching numbers; Digonex automates the process of implementing your dynamic pricing strategy.
  • Our team of PhD Economists can create a customized solution that automatically recommends prices to help achieve your organization’s goals.
  • You maintain complete control. No price is ever published until approved by you.
  • We bring over a decade of proprietary R&D in dynamic pricing; Digonex has been awarded six patents to date, with six others currently pending.

Our Relationship with Tessitura

  • Digonex is a preferred partner of the Tessitura Network.
  • Tessitura Software licensees enjoy preferential pricing on our services.
  • Digonex and Tessitura have partnered to integrate our services so that Digonex price recommendations are always based on the latest data, and price updates can be published to Tessitura with the click of a button.

How Our Dynamic Pricing Solution Works

Tessitura dynamic pricing flowchart

We build a customized software algorithm that recommends the optimal price for each ticket and updates those recommendations regularly. Our pricing solution does the work of gathering data, analyzing patterns, and determining the right price so that you have more time to focus on your business. All price recommendations are presented to you in SEATS, our web-based pricing portal. You can review, approve and/or modify prices in minutes with the click of a button.

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