Anchor Pairs with Digonex to Power Toronto Zoo’s Dynamic Pricing

Digonex’s advanced pricing technology combined with Anchor Operating System’s robust ticketing and membership solutions will enable the Toronto Zoo to implement intelligent pricing strategies that drive revenue growth while ensuring a fair and enjoyable experience for all visitors. We look forward to a successful collaboration that benefits both the Toronto Zoo and its valued guests.

Digonex and Vivaticket Launch Dynamic Pricing Alliance

Digonex has launched a strategic alliance with Vivaticket, one of the major international operators in the creation, production, marketing and management of integrated electronic ticketing and access control systems. Digonex’s powerful technology allows clients to optimize revenues while expanding their market, optimizing capacity, enhancing community accessibility and realizing greater operational efficiencies.

Digonex Announces Strategic Relationship with Spektrix

Mike Geller, President of Spektrix US & Canada, said, “As an addition to the Spektrix product, partners like Digonex play a key part in helping Spektrix users to achieve even more with our market-leading platform. Digonex’s fantastic strategic pricing tools further extend the capabilities of Spektrix and we know they will be highly valuable to our users.”

The Future of Reservations and Dynamic Pricing

Current and former Digonex users joined Digonex Chief Revenue Officer Harry Tomasides on this webinar presented by our partner, Gateway Ticketing Systems, to discuss how reservations support dynamic pricing, and the ways dynamic pricing supports your organization’s business objectives (recorded May 12, 2021)

Dynamic Pricing and COVID-19

Frequently Asked Questions About Dynamic Pricing and COVID-19

After COVID-19, most attractions are requiring their guests choose the date and time when they are planning to come. How can your organization leverage dynamic pricing in conjunction with moving to timed ticketing and capacity management? Here are 3 common questions we’ve heard about the implementation of dynamic pricing.

Re-opening Attractions: Changes, Temporary and Permanent

Attractions around the world are working on modifying their operations in preparation for re-opening following the COVID-19 pandemic. Many changes will be required, to satisfy both government authorities and the ticket-buying public that it is safe to return. But there’s one change that attractions should consider making permanent to support long-term revenue management.