INTIX Interview with Digonex CTO Anna Wessely

For the 4/13/22 edition of Access Weekly, INTIX interviewed Anna Wessely, newly appointed as Digonex CTO, about her career in ticketing as part of the INTIX Women in Entertainment Technology Program.

On joining Digonex:

From there, she was fortunate to have the opportunity to work at the Santa Fe Opera, which was the first company to install Tessitura software outside of the Metropolitan Opera. Tessitura then beckoned. For the past two months, she has been very pleased with her transition to Digonex, a partner of Tessitura. “At both companies,” she says, “it’s all about serving the end customer by giving them prices that make sense given what their need is, as well as serving our attractions and live entertainment customers who are trying to maximize their revenue. It’s been an exciting transition for me.”

On the Digonex technology team:

“I lead a team of technologists and developers who work on the integration of a variety of ticketing products for customers across a really wide swath of ticketing markets. We have some aquariums and museums, some performing arts organizations, and so forth. We essentially take their data from whatever system they’re in. We make pricing recommendations daily or a couple of times a week depending on the industry. And then we feed those price recommendations, once approved, back into those ticketing systems. I lead the technology arm that makes it all seamless for the customer.”

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